10 06, 2015

Blogging to Boost Your Business

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Business owners are passionate about what they do and want to share their expertise with others. For some, that desire does not end with helping their clients. More and more Americans are realizing that they [...]

5 06, 2015

The Rise in Cannabis Trade Shows in 2015

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Trade shows are pivotal to industries from all over the world. And now that cannabis is gradually becoming legalized in the US (whether recreational or medical), specialist trade shows are now popping up all over [...]

27 04, 2015

Local Marketing Tips for Canna-businesses

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Local Search Marketing is a strategy of general search engine optimization. The tips in this article are to be used on physical storefront locations and not for general website marketing. By following this simple strategy, [...]

19 04, 2015

4/20 2015: Getting Spanked not High

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I know that it’s a strange first post title, but this year 4/20 is not just time for celebration for us cannabis smokers. Google is implementing some major changes to its search rankings algorithm to favor mobile-friendly [...]