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Project Description

Deodorizer Bag

Wow; the Deodorizer Bag is our baby. The Dbag was the first product we put together a full-blown sales and marketing campaign for. A jewel of a product; formally “420 Stealth” the Deodorizer Bag was invented by a father and son team out of Hawaii. When the first samples arrived in our distribution warehouse we we’re less than impressed. Not until our Founder lost the bag under the seat of his car for two weeks during a hot Arizona summer did the true potential of the Deodorizer Bag strike a chord. Since that day we have launched a full blown sales and marketing strategy which encompassed 3 years, 17 trade-shows, ten’s of thousands of miles and more than a fair share of hang-overs. Culminating in over 500 Retail Partners the Deodorizer Bag still receives Brand Recognition and a cult following  more than 4 years after the last marketing campaign was completed.

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Video Production

Here you can see a Deodorizer Bag product video we produced for a giveaway on the review site, Stoner Things. In this video, one of the Stoner Things girls describes how the Dbag works and why you simply must have one! There is also a segment which shows just how much can fit into one of the duffel bags, which is a lot. Green Scene Marketing handled all aspects of this video from script creation to final edit.

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