Welcome. If you’ve reached this page, you have joined our team of content writers at Green Scene Marketing. This page outlines our process for assigning and receiving content.

Viewing Assignments

A Google Drive folder will be shared with each writer. This folder is where you’ll find all your content requirements, and where you’ll be able to submit your articles. In the folder, you’ll find article ‘templates’, Google Docs that detail each article topic, and sometimes also sources to use and keywords to integrate for SEO purposes.

Deadlines – Each Google Doc has a submission deadline in the filename.

Submitting Content

  • Submit your article directly into the Google Doc, including any relevant links and media (such as images, videos and relevant social posts).
  • Write a meta title and description (that will appear in Google search results) in line with the guidelines outlined in our Style Guidelines sheet.
  • Write social media posts for each article as detailed in our Style Guidelines sheet.

Author Credit

Paid writers – Writers who are paid for their content will not receive author credit.
Unpaid contributions – All unpaid, guest contributions will receive full author credit in the article byline.


Writers are paid for their work twice monthly. Work completed from day 1-15 is paid on the 22nd, and work completed from days 16-31 are paid on the 7th.

Ready to get started?  If you have not already, please provide your Google email address for us to share your first assignment.