Your First Impression is Crucial and You Don’t Get Any Second Chances to Do it Right.

Branding Your Marijuana Business

Your first impression is crucial and you don’t get any second chances to do it right. Often the first impression is the last impression, because you only have two seconds to grab someone’s attention.

Marijuana businesses up to this point have relied on grassroots marketing and establish their “brand” through reputation and word of mouth. However, with the end of prohibition on the horizon and as more mainstream advertising opportunities become available, the cannabis industry is starting to see real brands emerge.

Imagine the end of alcohol prohibition and how many different brands of whiskey were available to choose from. Yet, the few distillers that stood the test of time were the companies that prioritized branding from the start, such as Jack Daniels.

It is for these very reasons that it’s essential to present your business correctly. Corporate identity and branding are extremely important, and as the cannabis industry transitions from underground to mainstream, this significance is only going to increase.

In the digital world, maintaining a consistent image for your business is of paramount importance. By portraying a consistent brand across all of your marketing efforts, you can ensure more people immediately recognize your Cannabusiness as a familiar face in what is soon to be an extremely crowded space.


Branding your Cannabusiness is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy you implement and the key to successful branding is consistency. From your logo to your website design to all printed materials, your brand needs to be consistent in order to result in an easily recognized brand identity for your business.

You want your customers to know immediately that they are dealing with you, whether they visit your site or receive your catalog in the mail. Green Scene Marketing will consult with you to develop a clear identity that will help improve your brand identity.

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Get recognized quickly
and stand out from the competition;
Create brand loyalty
Build and maintain a reputation for quality, reliability, and professionalism
Sell multiple products/services more effectively
Gain more market share
Charge higher prices
Cultivate a relationship with customers

Green Scene’s Branding Services

We want to establish your Cannabusiness as one of the iconic brands in the marijuana industry that will go on to become a household name.

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