Copywriting Services for Marijuana Businesses

The written content of a website is often overlooked by business owners. Most people understand the value in hiring a professional web designer to create their website, because web development is technical – but writing content seems simple enough for anyone to do.

Just as you wouldn’t hire someone to manage your grow facility because they know how to water plants, you shouldn’t give someone the task of writing the copy for your website because they know how to write.

Writing and copywriting are two completely different strains of the written word and copywriting is extremely important for the successful marketing of your Cannabusiness.

Our expert copywriters will present your brand in the best way possible, while also sharing necessary information about your products or services. Effective copywriting turns website visitors into loyal customers. It’s like Nuke em for the Web.

However, copywriting provides more than the static pages on your website. Copywriters are responsible for all sales and marketing oriented content, such as blog posts, marketing emails, press releases, white papers, case studies, and anything else you can imagine that needs written for a business.

In the digital marketing world, content is king. Poor sales copy will ruin any website with the best design, but even poorly designed websites will keep visitors coming back for more when the content is high-quality.

Copywriting is one of the most important, but most overlooked, factors that decides if a site visitor is going to be immediately excited to buy – or if they’ll be quick to hit the “back” button and never return.


  • An amazing first impression on potential customers
  • Clear explanation of the benefits from your products/services
  • Your message stands out from the crowd
  • Higher conversion rates (more sales!)
  • Increased organic traffic
  • And more

Green Scene Copywriting Services

We offer a full suite of copywriting services for marijuana businesses, backed by over 9 years of experience in the marijuana industry. Whether you need content for a new website or you want us to manage all of your content marketing – we’ve got you covered!

Web content is the foundation of your Cannabusiness website. These are the crucial pages (Home, About, Pricing, etc) that your potential customers will view before making a purchase. In addition to establishing a connection with customers, web content also attracts organic traffic from sites like Google and Bing through search engine optimization (SEO). An investment in web page copywriting is an investment in sales material that will benefit your Cannabusiness for years to come.

Each web content page includes:

  • Keyword research
  • 350 words of expertly-crafted copy
  • Proper formatting and optimization for SEO
  • Meta tags

The cost per page is $150 (minimum of 5 pages)

Blog posts are essential for online marketing and help spread the word about your Cannabusiness, while also improving your brand awareness and authority in the marijuana industry. Similar to web content, and even more so, blog posts increase traffic to your website from search engines and social media.Your Cannabusiness blog can feature content that’s entertaining, answers questions about your company, explains your products/services, or provides value to your customers in any other way.

Each blog post includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Topic ideas and research
  • 350 words of expertly-crafted copy
  • Proper formatting and optimization for SEO

The cost per blog post is $75

Feature length articles are in-depth blog posts that amplify the results of your content marketing. Oftentimes these articles can be featured on major websites, industry blogs, or you can choose to publish them on your own website.The subject matter in feature length articles is meant to be useful, informative, and actionable. Naturally, these posts tend to get more traffic and more shares on social media. Feature length articles quickly establish your Cannabusiness as a thought leader in the marijuana industry.

Each feature length article includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Article topic ideas and research
  • 1500 words of expertly-crafted copy
  • Proper formatting and optimization for SEO

The cost per article is $300

A press release is a piece of content that’s used to get the attention of the media and to get your Cannabusiness featured in the news. Journalists pour through countless press releases each day, so it’s important to have one that stands out.Our team of copywriters know exactly how to write a press release that gets the attention of media outlets and sparks interest in your Cannabusiness.

Each press release includes:

  • Topic idea and research
  • 300-500 words of expertly-crafted copy
  • Optional mass distribution (fee included)

The cost per press release is $150 or $500 for press release + mass distribution

Email marketing can be incredibly effective for growing your Cannabusiness and boasts a high ROI. Emails are more likely to be seen than other forms of advertising, since most people get emails on their phone.However, the last thing you want is for your marketing emails or your newsletter to be labeled as spam. Our copywriters will create emails that connect and engage with subscribers, reminding them of why they signed up in the first place. Most importantly, we’ll help you leverage the power of your email list to sell more of your products/services!

Each marketing email or newsletter includes:

  • Project consulting call
  • Product/service research
  • 150 words of expertly-crafted copy

The cost per email is $100

An infographic is the presentation of information or data in a visual way. Its name sums it up: info + graphic. Infographics get shared more, viewed more, and loved more than most other content types.They are a powerful way to get your information out there in an visual format that grabs attention. One study found that infographics were liked and shared on social media up to three times more often than other content. The viral potential is definitely there.

Each infographic design includes:

  • Initial concept idea
  • Copywriting
  • Amazing Design Work
  • Revisions (if needed)

The cost per infographic is $750

Case studies are content that focus on a specific customer and how they benefited from your product or service. They’re more in-depth than a simple testimonial and case studies are powerful marketing assets for marijuana businesses.

For example, let’s say your Cannabusiness sells CBD products and one of your customers experienced notable health improvements since switching to your product. We would interview that customer and then create a case study on their experience that you could then publish on your website to validate the quality of your products.

This is only one example and your Cannabusiness doesn’t have to sell a consumer product to publish a case study – we’ll help you develop the idea that works best for your business.