Local Search Marketing

Do you remember back in the day when you had to open a Yellow Pages book to find the company or service you were looking for? Depending on your age, you might already be lost as these books have become obsolete and replaced by the internet.

Today there are hundreds of websites that people search in order to find local businesses. It is your obligation to ensure your business is listed optimally online.

However, getting your Cannabusiness featured in all of the prominent local directories is very time-consuming and can be downright frustrating. Most business owners don’t have the time or patience to optimize each individual listing and deal with the configurations required to have your Cannabusiness listed on Google Business – allowing people to see your brand in Google Maps.

Local search is arguably the most competitive area of search engine marketing, and rightfully so, it’s also one of the most valuable. People who perform local searches are more likely to buy and are often ready to make a purchase immediately.

As more local marijuana business crop up, the competition is only going to get more intense. Similar to search engine optimization, the investment in local search has an extremely high ROI in the long-run. However, local search optimization can start increasing sales right away, making it one of the most valuable and essential marketing strategies for local marijuana businesses.

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Make it Easier for People to Find Your
Local Marijuana Business

How Local Search Optimization Benefits Your Cannabusiness:

  • Improves your overall search engine rankings
  • Potential customers in your area will find your Cannabusiness faster
  • Targets people who are looking to buy right now
  • Your Cannabusiness shows up on maps in browsers and mobile apps
  • Increased website traffic
  • Helps establish your brand authority
  • Gives you a long-term competitive advantage

By taking advantage of 420-specific directories, such as  WeedMaps, THCFinder, PotLocator, , and other directories like Google+, MapQuest, YP.com, and Yelp, you can put your business in front of more local customers. Studies show that incorporating local search into your marketing campaign allows you to reach thousands of potential customers in your area.

The next time someone searches for a product or service you offer, we want to make sure your brand is the first one they see!


Our storefront marketing services will get your business listed on all the major sites.
Having a proper listing will bring more customers through the door!

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