Professional Photography Gives Your Products the Best Chance.

When potential customers browse the products on your website, the quality of the photos plays an important role in their purchasing decision. Upon visiting a website, customers often know little about you and your brand, and every sign plays a small role in determining their perception.

In the same way that a modern, high-quality website is favored over a more dated site, the quality of your product photography will have a similar effect. Hosting only high-resolution photos of your products will help to reinforce the image that you are a high-quality, professional brand.

360° Photography brings the best out of your products

Our dynamic 360° photography services highlight the most impressive features of your products. Many consumers are concerned with the intangibility of shopping online, and 360° photography helps them to imagine the item as if they were holding it in their hand.

Instead of merely looking at a singular image of a product, 360° photography allows your customers to really get a feel for it, analyzing the product from a variety of angles and envisaging it in their possession. This increased familiarity and trust in the product moves customers further along the buying process, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Product Photography FAQ

You don’t need to be located in Arizona, or even in the United States, to work with us. The majority of our clients are actually based outside our home state. We can provide you with a professional product photography service regardless of where you are located.
Photography projects are generally completed within two weeks of the arrival of your product. Please note, however, that the process can take a little longer during busy times and when a large number of photos are required.

Feel free to get in touch for a more specific timeframe.

You will be able to access and download your completed photos via our private image hosting server. As soon as your project has been completed, we will send you a unique link and password which you can use to gain access.

From there, you can download your high-resolution images. We also store your photos on our server as a backup, providing you the option to download again at no additional charge.

We deliver photos in a high-resolution, 300 DPI jpeg format using maximum quality settings. As well as the high-resolution original, you can also access smaller sized images from our server.
Our studio features a large warehouse door to accommodate large products and shipments via pallet*. Products with dimensions larger than 2 feet will be subject to an additional charge relative to the size of the product. Please contact us prior to sending any unusually large or heavy items.

* While we have a roll-up door, we do not have a loading dock or fork lift. Ensure pallet shipments are delivered via truck with lift gate.

Products are placed on a rotating disk, with a camera positioned facing it. We then take many individual photos of the product, allowing your website visitors to interactively view it from any angle they desire, giving them a true feel for the product.
Our rates are quoted per photo. For example, if you wanted to shoot one product, front and back, you would be charge for two photos.

This pricing system excludes 360° photography.