Growing Your Cannabusiness Requires You to Spread Your Message Far and Wide – and We’re Here to Help!

Green Scene PR Services for Marijuana Businesses

Growing your Cannabusiness requires you to spread your message far and wide – and we’re here to help!

Thanks to the internet, there are more opportunities to get press coverage than ever before. You no longer have to work with traditional, non-cannabis minded PR agencies to build awareness for your brand.

However, there’s a lot more to PR than simply writing a press release. Good public relations requires a mix of all of our professional skills in networking, content marketing, SEO, social media, and of course, public relations.

We view PR as a vital component in a strong digital marketing strategy. The brand exposure alone is huge, but earning high-quality links to your website is priceless and has tremendous long-term value. Those links can send your Cannabusiness website straight to the top of search engine rankings, which could drastically increase your revenue.

Good PR is arguably more valuable than advertising and it’s definitely more cost-effective. Especially in the marijuana industry, businesses want all the positive press they can get to cultivate an inviting brand image.

In addition to increasing

awareness of your

Cannabusiness in the press,

Green Scene PR also:

  • Sends direct traffic to your website
  • Builds valuable links to your website that improve SEO and boost organic traffic
  • Improves your reputation
  • Creates new relationships with other brands and vendors
  • And much more

Green Scene’s PR Services

There are a few ways we can spread the word about your growing marijuana company.


Would you like to see your cannabis product reviewed by a well-known marijuana YouTube influencer? How would you like to have an article written on behalf of your brand and published on a popular cannabis blog?

Does your Cannabusiness want to market directly to every legal dispensary in a city, state, or even nationally?

We’ve invested a significant amount of resources over the last 12 years to create our proprietary outreach database and are very confident in getting your Cannabusiness connected to the right media outlets, social media influencers, and other businesses.

As you can imagine, the benefits go far beyond brand exposure. We have an open dialogue with thousands of marijuana industry contacts and get you connected. You’ll be growing relationships with key figures in the cannabis industry that will benefit you forever.

Outreach campaigns can include:

  • Website and blogger outreach
  • Social media influencer outreach
  • Marijuana industry business outreach (retail stores, attorneys, etc)
  • And much more

Outreach campaign gained assets can include:

  • Product reviews on YouTube
  • Guest posts on major websites or blogs that links to your website
  • Brand/product shoutouts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Sales opportunities
  • Vendor relationships
  • Business service referrals
  • And much more

Unlike traditional PR where you have to rely on news outlets picking up your story, our Personalized Outreach Campaign Management allows us to create the story about your blossoming business. This is how we can always ensure your Cannabusiness is getting regular coverage and awareness of your brand is growing.

However, this is more than PR. You’ll be getting links to your website that increase your organic traffic. You’ll also be able to directly market to very specific groups of people, depending on your Cannabusiness.

Best of all, we handle everything for you. We actually make the calls ourselves, send personal emails, and reach out on social media as a representative of your brand. This saves you hundreds of hours and allows you to leverage our database of marijuana industry contacts that we’ve accumulated over the last 12 years.

Personalized Outreach Campaign Management starts at $5,000 month

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