Local Search Marketing:

What is it, and why your store can’t survive without it!

Local Search Marketing (LSM) is a sub-section of general online marketing and is used to promote physical storefront locations. Millions of people use their smartphones everyday to search for either a local business (using keywords like marijuana dispensary or cannabis doctor) or where to buy a product (dab rig, cannabis chocolates).

marijuana Dispensary Google Search

Search for Marijuana Dispensary

More likely than not a local business listings will be displayed by Google or whatever search tool the consumer is using. Look at the above example. This is a “broad search” but you will see the top half of Google are all listings. These listings include a company’s general information, telephone number, address, URL, email contact, directions to your store, maps and more. There are literally thousands of websites on the internet which are designed provide local listings, and even hundreds (400+ as of February 2015 based on our database) dedicated to the cannabis industry. Weedmaps, Leafly, THC Finder, and the countless others are all local listing sites. While some sites matter a lot more than others it is your responsibility to make sure your business is properly listed on each and every one!

I can assure you, claiming and making CONSISTENT local business listings like on Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Facebooks….. and the countless others will be your best source of acquiring new business.


Yelp is a MAJOR site which drives local dispensaries millions of patients a day


When setting up these profiles it is imperative that your business be listed CONSISTENTLY. local business listings are the foundation to creating a robust Local Search Marketing plan for your cannabis business.

The next step should be to optimize your listing to not just include the required information but FILL YOUR PROFILE UP! Not only with quality store pictures but make sure to include keywords like the products you sell but all geo-targeted (location) information. Each website has its own features, categories, fields and other customization which needs to be optimized in order to ensure you are achieving the full marketing benefits of each and every listing.

To start with search the internet for any existing business listings using your business name (and repeat with your zipcode) your business might already have. When you find an existing profile claim ownership all make all the necessary changes. The second part of the process is optimization. This involves uploading pictures and videos (if available), entering detailed information on services offered and hours of operation. When your local listings are correctly claimed and optimized on all the key sites this information will then be passed along to smaller sites which purchase their information from the data aggregators.

By claiming your cannabis friendly businesses listings this will increase your overall online visibility by showing up in relevant keyword searches.

Now that stage 1 is complete this is where your website comes in. Your website not only needs to be setup properly to convey who you are to Google, but now that you are reaching potential new customers we want to use the website to entice them to visit you and not your competitor.

If you would like to have Green Scene Marketing increase your store’s web presence please contact us. We would love an opportunity for my company to earn any or all of your marketing needs.

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