Your website is having good sales content is key. Here is a list of common website pages and how to set them up.

Website structure

1. Home Page

This page provides information about your website; it will be an introduction to your products and/or services. Depending on the structure of your home page you can highlight new products, or previous projects, and have it contain current news or host a blog. The possibilities are endless.
Page Suggestion: Keep in mind this page is your first impression on potential customers, get them interested and excited to explore your site further.

2. Products or Services

The most important things for this section are information and organization. When potential customers are searching on the internet they want to know the information now, and they want to see it clearly. How many different products or services you are providing will drive the design of this section. For numerous products you will want separate the pages clearly, defining each product and listing as much information as possible. For a handful of products a single page will suffice, but be sure to keep it organized and efficient.
Page Suggestions: Categories are a helpful way for consumer to find what they are looking for. However, make sure the categories are relevant and simple enough for the consumers to understand.

3. Contact Us

When building your website you will want to list your contact information in a variety of places throughout the site. Nonetheless, making a clear designated place to find your information will help your customers find your information quickly.
Page Suggestion: Some information to include on your contact page: business name, address, telephone, fax, email, emergency number (24/7 – Contact), website address.

4. Rates / Pricing

Internet shopping is supposed to be efficient and speedy. Listing prices on your site helps your customers budget for your products and/or services. In many cases this simple feature is the deciding factor.
Page Suggestion: Even if you cannot clearly define the price giving an estimate or guideline for pricing can have the same effect. Eg. Greenhouse grow ops ranges from $50-$100 sq ft.

5. Testimonials

Showing feedback from current or past customers is a great way to show your potential customers you are not only trustworthy and constant but that the products and/or services you are providing are superior. Be sure the testimonials are real and can be verified if needed. If you do not currently have any, no problem, email your customers and ask them for their feedback.
Page Suggestion: before and after photos are great when accompanied by real testimonials, this gives the reviews a personal feeling.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Time is money, and FAQ pages have proven to be a great time saver. By answering the questions directly on the website, the customer does not need to call or email you with their inquiry, saving both you the company and them the consumer, time. This page should clear up any concerns your customer may have, eliminating any obstacles for making the sale.
Page Suggestion: Think of all the questions you are currently answer over and over again, place these on your website and keep adding!

7. Articles or Blog

By adding extra information to your site you are encouraging more traffic to your site. Articles are great way to give information related to your products or services, by adding this extra information your site is now relevant in much more than your specialty. Blogs are a great way to increase your web presence. Not only are they easy for the less tech-savvy user but most are low cost or even free. Using Search Engine Blogs like Yahoo! or Google create a new web page with each blog post, which than link back to your website.
Page Suggestion: Article and Blog pages require maintenance and up keep, be sure to post to these regularly building your fan base and increasing your businesses importance.

8. About us

When building a customer base it is important to tell your customers who you are and why they should do business with your company. This page can include your store hours, or directions to the store. Adding details like your mission statement and staff bios is also popular for this page. Recently complete projects, trade associations you belong to, insurance certificates and any awards you may have received are also useful.
Page Suggestion: This page should be designed to highlight your business and it qualifications as an expert in the product or services you are providing.

9. Events Calendar

This page can relate to your business for industry. If you are an artist you can feature dates, times and places your work will be displayed, if you are a manufacture you can name trade shows or conference you may attending.
Page Suggestion: When applicable give information as to where tickets or reservations can be obtained. Also, giving a link to the venue for customer can follow.

10. News

This can include news about your products or services, or even about your industry. New rules or regulations on your products, services, or industry should be listed here. keeping up on laws and policies that may affect you or your customers will build that much sought after trust.
Page Suggestion: This page can also be used in addition to your blog / article page, by posting thoughts or related articles to the news you are referencing.

11. Return/Refund Policy

Providing your customer with your return/refund policy will make your customers feel more comfortable with their transactions. Make I easy to understand, and give a step by step description for their return/refund.
Page Suggestion: Honesty is the best policy, customers are more likely to do repeat business even after a return or refund if the transaction is handle correctly.

12. Privacy Policy

For most online customers privacy is a top concern, and can become a just another obstacle in making a sale. To avoid this you will want this page to be detailed and plainly state what your terms are. Trust is a major player in internet shopping and this page is just another tool in gaining that trust.
Page Suggestion: When providing customers with your policy, don’t just simply state you are protecting them, be sure to explain how, when, and what you are protecting. It’s in the details.

13. Site Map

Similar to a table a contents this shows customers how your site is laid out. Think of this as a map to your web page, you want the directions to clear and organized.
Page Suggestion: You can submit your site map to search engines like YAHOO or Google to increase visibility.

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